Difference between the application of woven interlining and non-woven lining
Jul 28, 2018

There are two types of woven interlinings, including woven lining and knitted lining. Knitted lining is divided into warp-knitted woven lining and weft-knitted woven lining. Warp-knitted woven lining is mainly used for wool garments. Weft-knitted woven linings are mainly used for all-wool fabrics and thin fabrics, which can be directly bonded to wool fabrics.

Non-woven lining is made of viscose fiber and polyester staple fiber by chemical bonding method. It is divided into thick, medium and thin. The color is mainly white. It is light, soft, sturdy and shrinkable. Because it is easy to use without latitude and longitude, it is generally used for collar lining, hanging lining, bag lining, etc. of the shirt. In the affixing part, the non-woven lining plays an auxiliary role, and can also be used for the hanging surface, the collar and the bag of the wool garment. Cover and bag opening.

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