How to choose knitted lining
Jul 28, 2018

Knitwear, especially knitted garments, differs a lot from garments that use woven fabrics. The most important feature of knitted fabrics for knitted garments is the multi-directional extensibility, because whether it is natural fiber fabric or chemical fiber fabric or other interweaving. The fabric is made of a coil string, and the stretchability of the knitted fabric is very obvious. Therefore, selecting and using the adhesive lining similar to or the same as that of the knitted fabric becomes the preferred condition for the knitted outer garment (clothing).

Knitted linings correspond to the characteristics of knitted fabrics and knitted garments, and should have the performance and quality required for knitted garments in order to have a wide range of application adaptability. The internal quality requirements are as follows: follow-up (flexibility), elasticity, fastness, anti-disengagement, curling, breathability, moisture absorption, soft handfeel, not easy to peel off, good seamability, and not easy to deform after washing. In addition, it should also have antistatic, antibacterial, low formaldehyde, health care and other properties.

The choice of adhesive lining must be noted: sufficient adhesion must be obtained; no back hot melt leakage should occur; set the exact bonding conditions; the lining should match the fabric.

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