How to choose the interlining
Jul 28, 2018

There are five aspects to consider when choosing a lining adhesive lining:

1. Applicability of the clothing: The lining cloth can not only give the garment a beautiful shape, but also protect the shape, and make the garment have good durability.

2, the performance of the fabric: different fabrics have different requirements for the lining, so we must consider the compatibility of the fabric and the lining, we must fully understand the fabric, fabric, weight, thickness, density and other aspects of the fabric and the performance of the fabric After finishing the situation.

3, lining: must be on the variety, specifications, characteristics and main quality indicators of the lining (such as heat shrinkage rate, washing shrinkage, washing and dry cleaning performance, peel strength, moisture regain, etc.) and the texture and properties of the base fabric, coating The range of hot melt adhesives and the range of adhesive bonding conditions for linings are well understood.

4, the designer's intention: the same fabric can be matched with a variety of lining cloth, as to which lining should be selected should consider the designer's intentions and current trends, to choose.

5, should be compared from the quality, performance, price: the same type of lining, sometimes there are several quality grades, the price will be different. The user can select the lining according to the actual situation.

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