How to distinguish warp lining and weft lining
Jul 28, 2018

The warp-knitted lining uses a plurality of yarns together to form a loop along the longitudinal (warp) order of the fabric; the weft-knitted lining uses one or more yarns to form a loop along some lateral (weft) order; the weft-knitted knitwear is at least It can be constructed with one yarn, but in order to improve the production power, a plurality of yarns are usually used for weaving; and a warp-knitted fabric with a yarn is a fabric that cannot be formed, and one yarn can only constitute one. A braid formed by a root coil. All weft-knitted fabrics can be detached into a thread in the direction of reverse weaving, but warp-knitted fabrics are not acceptable, and warp-knitted fabrics cannot be woven by hand.

The simplest and most intuitive way to distinguish is to investigate. It is the same as the weave, which is the weft-knitted lining. The straight is the warp-knitted lining. In general, the weft-knitted lining is plain, ribbed and double-sided, and the warp-knitted lining is flat. The chain, through the satin and the velvet, and the warp lining can not be dissipated, the weft lining can be detached in the weft direction.

The weft-knitted knit fabric is woven by a large circular machine through a tuck, a loop, etc., and the warp-knitted fabric is woven by a flat knitting machine.

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