The use and characteristics of four-sided elastic fabric
Jul 28, 2018

The use of four-sided elastic cloth:

The four-sided elastic suede has a spring force in the latitudinal warp direction. Usually, the whole polyester + spandex method is used to weave it by a circular machine. Compared with other types of suede, the weft-knitted suede has good elasticity and soft handfeel. The primary interest is now used primarily for sofa covers, gloves, clothing, etc. The weight ranges from 160g/m2 to 260g/m2, and the width ranges from 140CM to 150CM.

Features of four-sided elastic cloth:

Four-side elastic suede, superb elasticity, very suitable for women's clothing.

Many of these years of stretch women's leggings are made from this fabric, and can also be used for shoes, hats, home textiles, toys, handicrafts, etc.

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