Type of knitted lining
Jul 28, 2018

The knitted lining is a bonded lining which is processed by a hot melt adhesive coating based on a knitted fabric. The knitted lining is warp-knitted and weft-knitted. The warp-knitted lining is mainly composed of weft-inserted warp-knitted lining. Its performance is similar to that of woven lining. It has good followability and good drapability.

The knit lining is an adhesive lining and is a permanent adhesive lining that is an important part of the 4th generation lining (nonwoven and woven lining) and the 5th generation lining (modified lining). Due to the characteristics of knitted fabrics, the knitted lining becomes a special lining for knitting fabrics which is different from the general adhesive lining. It is mainly used for the front body, collar, sill, cuffs, hem and pocket of knitted outerwear and the waist of hakama. , the mouth (fixed part of the zipper), the foot (hem) and other parts, for local bonding, to strengthen, shape, shape and so on.

Knitted linings can be divided into different types according to different division methods. According to the formation of knitted lining fabric, it can be divided into: warp lining, weft lining, non-woven and stitch lining. According to the performance of knitted lining fabric, it can be divided into: high elastic lining, low elastic lining, four-directional elastic lining, high-supporting high-vision lining. According to the use parts of the knit lining can be divided into: large body lining, collar lining, lining lining, hem lining, cuff lining, pocket lining, waist lining, lining, lining and so on.

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