Water soluble fabric use
Jul 28, 2018

(1) Used as a raw material for water-soluble non-woven fabrics, producing water-soluble non-woven fabrics, used as embroidered base fabrics to make hand-embroidered laces create a style of hand embroidery; special industry for disposable clothing to meet industrial hygiene and environmental protection requirements; Water soluble packaging materials.

(2) For the production of water-soluble worsted yarns, after the water-soluble yarns are interwoven with other yarns, the water-soluble fibers are removed during the dyeing and finishing process, and the deep-processed fabrics such as warp and weft hollow, jacquard hollow, thin, soft, and bulky can be obtained. .

(3) As a companion fiber, it is blended with wool (or top) with a small count, and after being spun and woven into a fabric, the water-soluble polyvinylcellulose fiber is removed in the finishing process, thereby producing a high-strength, thin and light Fluffy, soft, high-grade pure wool fabric. Water-soluble fiber blending technology can also increase yarn strength, increase weaving efficiency, and expand the design range of yarns and fabrics.

(4) As a companion fiber, it can also be used for blending with other fibers such as cotton, hemp, polyester, etc., weaving high-purity pure hemp, pure cotton fabric, imitation silk polyester fabric. Knitting can be used for production: cow louver, honeycomb cloth, etc. Water-soluble yarns can also be combined with cotton yarns to make flawless yarns for the production of flawless towels.

(5) Blending with low-strength fibers such as cashmere to improve the performance of cashmere spinning.

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