What is an embroidery lining?
Jul 28, 2018

1. The embroidered base fabric is the cut piece of the garment. If it is the embroidered label, the base fabric is the fabric or felt cloth provided by the customer.

2. Embroidery can not be separated from the lining paper. Before embroidering, special embroidery lining paper should be placed under the cutting piece (divided into yellow lining, white lining, facial lining, cold water lining, hot water lining, hot lining, according to different needs) Purchase can be bought).

3. Embroidery threads are commonly used: polyester filament light, full-filament light, gold thread (not all colors, basically the closest to when needed), this year also has sub-light, but most of them use sewing machine Line 402, professional matt embroidery thread is very expensive and not easy to find.

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