Black And White Ash With Woven Interlining
Jul 28, 2018

The woven interlining cloth is the cloth lining or cloth pudding that we often say. The lining cloth of the woven interlining cloth is made of the lining cloth after the hot melt adhesive coating on the knitted fabric or the woven fabric. The processing technology of the woven interlining fabric is more complicated, and the spinning process is complicated. The processing technology of the lining cloth includes many processes such as woven blank, dyeing, shaping, raising, etc., and the price is much higher than the price of the non-woven lining. In the process of garment processing, there are all kinds of woven interlinings, such as collars, large bodies, front plackets, sleeves, pockets, etc.

This woven interlining is a lightweight, woven interlining with 100% polyester as the base fabric. This woven interlining is produced by a two-point processing process with a width of 1.2 m and 1.5 m of woven interlining. The woven interlinings are available in regular black, white and grey, as well as colored woven interlinings. This woven interlining is used on chiffon shirts and chiffon skirts to meet the needs of chiffon shirts and chiffon skirts. It is light, elegant and soft to the touch. It is impervious to the backing after bonding. This woven interlining can fully display The ethereal and beautiful curves of chiffon shirts and chiffon skirts.

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