Chiffon Four-sided Bomb Is The Reason People Like It
Jul 28, 2018

Recently, a new fabric with unique characteristics and casual taste, “Four-faced chiffon” has been loved and sought after by us in the mall. It is not only favored by domestic consumers, but also deeply loved by foreign businessmen.

“Four-sided chiffon” is a newly developed spring fabric. It is made of polyester 100D and 40D spandex covered yarn. The weft direction is 12 , and the four-sided bomb is arranged in plain weave on the water jet loom to make the fabric texture fresh and attractive, the color distribution is harmonious, and the fabric width is 150cm, the wholesale price of line shopping malls is 15 yuan per meter. The fabric is full of elasticity. It is not only the fashionable fabric for fashionable women's casual wear, but also the fashionable fabric for pants. It is suitable for the upper body, not only for the wearer to relax naturally, but also The flavor is exceptional. The new product is easy to breathe, wears freely, looks beautiful, and has a good quality. The reason why “four-sided chiffon” is favored and optimistic about the shopping malls, in addition to the fabric has good elasticity, the primary reason is to coincide with the clothing fashion that advocates natural pursuit of leisure.

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