Introduction Of Adhesive Lining
Jul 28, 2018

Nonwoven fusible interlining

The non-woven adhesive lining is a non-woven fabric (non-woven fabric) as the base fabric, and the price is relatively superior to the fabric lining, but the quality is undoubtedly slightly inferior, and the non-woven lining is suitable for some corner and corner positions. For example, open bags, buttonholes, etc., non-woven linings are also thick and thin, their thickness will be directly reflected in the position used, which is selected according to needs.

Cloth adhesive lining

Cloth adhesive lining is knitted fabric or woven fabric as the base fabric. The most commonly used fabric is woven fabric. The fabric lining is often used in the main body or important position of the fabric. The fabric lining is also soft and hard. Need to be selected as appropriate.

Double-sided adhesive lining

The common double-sided adhesive lining is as thin as a flap. It is not so much a lining. It is better to use glue. It is usually used to stick two pieces of cloth. For example, when applying the cloth, it can be used to stick the cloth on the background cloth. The operation is very convenient, and there is a full roll of double-sided adhesive lining on the market. This adhesive lining is very useful when folding or piping.

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