Warp-knitted Features
Jul 28, 2018

The warp knitting arrangement used as the processing interlining is simple, and the arrangement is that the warp yarns are mutually entangled and the weft yarn is lined in the weft direction. The hook weaving structure has the characteristics of lightness, softness, elasticity, etc., especially when it is used as a clothing material, it has the characteristics of comfortable wearing, breathable moisture permeability, randomness and shape retention. The warp-knitted fabric is used to process the adhesive lining. The production process does not require desizing, reduction, and usually no resin removal. The process is short and low-cost, formaldehyde-free, and the process is less polluted. Compared with environmental protection, only the sewage generated when dyeing the lining is dyed. It needs to be discharged after treatment, so the warp lining can be called an environmentally friendly lining. Warp-knitted fabrics are warp yarns usually made of polyester filament or viscose yarn. Weft yarns are polyester low-elastic yarn or viscose yarn. The warp direction is flat and drape, and the weft direction has excellent elasticity and soft hand feeling. Casual and comfortable with elastic fabrics. The excellent characteristics of the warp-knit fabric make the variety of the adhesive linings used for the processing change rich, and can satisfy the needs of different fabrics and different fabrics from the frivolous to the heavy and different textures, and fully accustomed to the bonding of various fabrics and garments today. A variety of requests for lining are widely used. In summary, the series of warp-knitted linings with high quality and stable quality are not simple, but due to the simple process and excellent characteristics, warp-knitted lining is gradually becoming the mainstream of the lining market.

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