Non Woven Fusible Interfacing

  • Non Woven Fusible

    Non woven fusible Product Introduction Non woven fusible belongs to medium lining cloth, mainly is use for the men's and women's garments, suits and coats, this kind of non woven interlining cloth made from polyester non-woven processing coating, this product glue...
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  • Lightweight Interfacing Fabric

    Lightweight interfacing fabric Product Specification Product name:lightweight interfacing fabric Product color: white and black width: 1.5m; for fabric composite; 100 meters/roll or 200 meters/roll Product performance: washable, dry cleaning; Feel is good; Low shrinkage; Low...
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  • Heavy Weight Interfacing Fabric

    Heavy weight interfacing fabric Introduction Product name: heavy weight interfacing fabric,coat non-woven lining; Thick lining Product specification: 150CM*100M/R Product backing: 70 g non-woven lining Product glue: PES+PA Application: overcoat; A suit; Thick enough to stand...
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  • Lightweight Nonwoven Fusible Interfacing

    Lightweight nonwoven fusible interfacing Introduction Lightweight nonwoven fusible interfacing is produced by Qidong Lexin Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.Non-woven lining include hot-rolled non-woven lining, impregnated non-woven lining, double-sided non-woven lining, etc. It is used...
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  • Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing

    Medium weight fusible interfacing Product Introduction Medium weight fusible interfacing can be folded more and thicker in the cutting process, which is convenient for cutting. When the non-woven lining is cut out, its cutting edge is also very neat and not scattered. This...
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  • Heavy Weight Fusible Interfacing

    Heavy weight fusible interfacing Introduction Heavy weight fusible interfacing has the following advantages: 1. Light weight: the base material of non-woven lining is mainly polypropylene resin, with a light weight, only 60% of cotton. 2. Soft hand feel: the non-woven lining...
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  • Fusible Foam Interfacing

    Fusible foam interfacing Introduction Fusible foam interfacing 1050HF is impregnated non-woven lining , this kind of non-woven lining can be divided into soft, medium and hard wait for a variety of handle, this product can be used alone without coating, can also be become...
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