Woven Interfacing

  • Knitted Fusible Interlining

    Knitted fusible interlining Product Introduction knitted fusible interlining with crosswise stretch for soft shaping and tailoring. Fusing-Knit, #1300, is a lightweight, fusible, tricot polyester interfacing that provides support, shape, and body for light- to medium-weight...
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  • Shirt Interfacing

    Shirt interfacing Product benefits: Shirt interfacing is simple to apply Long lasting shape Also washable at higher temperatures Description: Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric. Product name: Shirt interfacing Item ID: 3068# 4262# 8508#...
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  • Fusible Elastic Interfacing

    Fusible elastic interfacing Product Introduction Fusible elastic interfacing is a lightweight fusible interlining, made out of fine polyamide yarn. This very special construction grants a very soft and elegant feel. Due to its extreme elasticity in warp and weft direction, it...
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  • Fusible Weft Interfacing

    Fusible weft interfacing Introduction Fusible weft interfacing is a textile used on the unseen or "wrong" side of fabrics to make an area of a garment more rigid. Interfacing, also known as stabilizer, is a light piece of fabric that is sewn or fused onto fabric...
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  • Coat Interfacing

    Coat interfacing Details: Coat interfacing is always use on woolen fabric like winter coat Item:75D,75D*100D,100D*200D Composition: polyester Coating: PA, PES or PA PES mixed Width:1.22m; 1.5m Packaging& Delivery Packaging Details:100 m / roll (packed with poly bag) ,2...
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  • Fusible Backing

    Fusible Backing Details: Product color: white, black Product width: (112CM) or (150CM) The use of parts: mainly used in collars, front body, thresholds and other parts Product performance: washable, low shrinkage rate low formaldehyde Product advantages: Warp knit, light,...
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  • Dressmaking Interfacing

    Dressmaking Interfacing Details: Item: Dressmaking Interfacing,30D,50D, is also called silk Fabric Interlining, use on thin fabric and light suit. Composition: polyester Coating: PA Width:1.22m; 1.5m Packaging& Delivery Packaging Details:100 m / roll (packed with...
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  • Hat Interfacing

    Hat interfacing Specification: Model:9672H Width: 112cm, 150cm Color: Super white Fabric organization: woven, with spinning Hot melt adhesives: HDPE, PA, LDPE Performance: Washable, shrinking rate at the end of stiff and elastic Usage: Cover the back side of the cloth with...
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  • Fusible Waistband Interfacing

    Fusible waistband interfacing Product information Name: Thick hard lining Color: white Product Index Fusible waistband interfacing, thick resin hard cloth lining, high hardness, low shrinkage, washable, dimensional stability, not easily deformed, used for hats, waistbands,...
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  • Interfacing for Bags

    Interfacing for bags Product Name: Interfacing for bags, cap lining, hard lining Product Description: Interfacing for bags is used for lining cloth inside curtain curtains, bag lining cloth, brim lining cloth, lining for shirt collar, making the cloth firm and stiff. Product...
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  • Heavy Interfacing

    Heavy interfacing
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  • Firm Interfacing

    Firm interfacing Information: Product name: firm interfacing(water jet loom interlining) Type: Thick lining Base fabric type: fusible interlining Scope of application: gift packaging, apparel, clothing, home textiles, toys, other Goods number:11076 Color: white Width: 112cm...
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